GB 2006 80th Birthday of Queen Elizabeth II stamp SG2620-2627 maxi cards x 8

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2006 80th Birthday of Queen Elizabeth II stamp (SG2620-2627) maxi cards x 8. Each Each postcard with a photographof Queen Elizabeth II has an 80th birthday stamp affixed to the front which is subsequently tied by a special First Day of Issue handstamp. For royalty fans everywhere - would make for an interesting and unusual present!

Stamp Details

2nd class - SG2620 - On Britannia, 1972

2nd class - SG2621 - At Royal Windsor Horse Show, 1985

1st class - SG2622 - At Heathrow Airport, 2001

1st class - SG2623 - As Young Princess Elizabeth with Duchess of York, 1931

44p - SG2624 - At State Banquet, Ottawa, 1951

44p - SG2625 - Queen in 1960

72p - SG2626 - As Princess Elizabeth, 1940

72p - SG2627 - With Duke of Edinburgh, 1951

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