2020 Sherlock u/m mnh stamp set and miniature sheet combined presentation pack

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Brand new combined presentation pack containing six Sherlock stamps celebrating the unique heritage and contemporary adaptations of this most famous of detectives:

1st class - The Reichenbach Fall

1st class - A Study in Pink

£1.42 - The Great Game

£1.42  - The Empty Hearse

£1.68 - A Scandal in Belgravia

£1.68 - The Final Problem

plus a Sherlock Holmes stamp miniature sheet featuring four of the author, Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle's, favourite mysteries:

1st class - The Adventure of the Speckled Band

1st class - The Red-Hand League

£1.68 - The Adventure of the Second Stain

£1.68  - The Adventure of the Dancing Man

Issued 18th August 2020 order yours right now!