2020 Roman Britain u/m mnh stamp presentation pack

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8 brand new stamps exploring key sites and objects from Roman Britain, here in their very own highly informative presentation pack (#587) :

2nd class - Dover Lighthouse -

The U.K.'s tallest standing Roman building.

2nd class - Bignor Mosaic -

Depicts Venus, Roman goddess of love.

1st class - Amphitheatre at Isca Fortress, Caerleon.

1st class - Ribchester helmet -

Worn at displays of Roman horsemanship.

£1.63 - Bridgeness distance slab -

Records the building of the Antonine Wall.

£1.63 - Warrior god, Cambridgeshire -

Romano-British copper-alloy statuette.

£1.68 - Gorgon's Head, Bath -

Sited at the springs sacred to Sulis Minerva.

£1.68 - Hadrian's Wall -

The northwest frontier of Rome's empire.

Issued 18th June 2020 - order yours right now!

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