Please note that as I am hoping to display all 365 of these Queen’s Heads on a big wall somewhere in the next few months, any Heads selected for sending will not be sent out immediately. I will put up a message on here to confirm when they will be sent. In the meantime if you or somebody you know has a large wall, for example in a gallery, exhibition space, cafe etc and you would like these to be displayed there, then please do get in touch with me here

 Fill out the form below to receive your favourite piece of Queen’s Head mailart from this series – Please note, only one piece of Mailart per address. 


  • Scott

    Hello Jennifer, thank you for your message about this project. Unfortunately the version of the website the project was originally posted on got hacked so it sort of stalled after that. I still have all 365 of the Queen’s Heads in a box at home. Did you request for one to be sent to you? Let me know and I can send it to you. Now this site is up and running I should be able to get the project live , albeit a few years late!

  • Jennifer Wallace

    How has this project gone?

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