Positively Postal’s Fabulous Arti-‘Stamps’

Positively Postal’s Fabulous ‘Stamps’

If you could design your own postage stamps what would they look like? What themes would you be interested to explore and which events would you love to celebrate?

I decided to stop merely thinking about my own stamps and to start designing them! You can now get your hands on 6 different sets of Positively Postal stamps and then use them to adorn your mail art. You will need a Royal Mail stamp as well if you want your piece to arrive! Positively Postal stamps are for decoration only but will certainly add a new dimension to envelopes and cards.

The State of the Nation

I came over all patriotic and produced four colourful takes on our national flag. With the EU referendum approaching, the UK is centre stage once more as the rest of Europe awaits our decision. Whatever happens when we go to the polls, our iconic flag will always be a fine symbol of our national pride.  You can now feature the Union Jack on every piece of mail you send and in four different colours!


Be My Valentine

You can seal every envelope with a loving kiss using my Valentine’s Day stamps. This sweet set of four stamps featuring original artwork makes every day Valentine’s Day. I hope you enjoy my feathered Romeo and Juliet who have made a heart their home.


Always Eggciting

Kids love Easter and they are going to adore using these four new celebratory stamps. In this series the egg definitely comes before the chicken but you can use the stamps in any order you wish! The stamps were designed with Easter in mind but the appealing graphics might mean that you want to use them year round.


Alas Poor Yorick

This year we are celebrating both the Queen’s 90th Birthday and the 400th Anniversary of Shakespeare’s birth. Royal Mail have already showcased the events with special stamp issues but I just had to produce an issue of my own. You can now decorate your mail with four stamps featuring the Union Jack. Two pay tribute our monarch whilst two honour the Bard and feature Yorick’s skull. This provided one of the most memorable moments in Hamlet, perhaps Shakespeare’s best loved play.


The Art of the Letter

I simply couldn’t design new stamps without paying homage to the art of letter writing. No electronic communication can rival the unique and personal nature of a hand written letter. Here’s ten stamps that reflect the power of the pen.



The messenger of the gods is the subject of my most recent Positively Postal stamp issue. Hermes was also the guide to the underworld in Greek mythology as well as the god of trade, athletics, thieves and border crossings. He was a busy chap! My stamps give you ten colourful choices for your messages.


You can really add a special touch to your mail with the unique stamps from Positively Postal. I have used diverse themes to ensure that there is something for everyone to enjoy. I hope the stamps raise a smile and please do let me have your ideas for future issues.

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