Hampton Court Palace

20 Reasons to Visit Hampton Court Palace

A striking royal palace boasting a stunning riverside location, Hampton Court oozes history and grandeur. The palace has been a hugely popular visitor attraction since Queen Victoria first opened its doors to the public in 1838. But why do so many people flock to Hampton Court every year? Here’s 20 reasons why you should think about joining them.

  1. The palace was owned by Henry VIII – he pinched it of Cardinal Wolsey when they fell out!
  2. Only two of Henry VIII’s palaces have survived and Hampton Court is one of them.
  3. Hampton Court features a striking mix of Tudor and Baroque architecture.
  4. The palace is home to the last medieval great hall built for the English monarchy – it was a token of love from Henry VIII to Anne Boleyn, before he beheaded her!
  5. The inner court is adorned with the Hampton Court astronomical clock which was created in 1540 and still works!


  1. The palace houses many works of art and furnishings from the Royal Collection including Mantegna’s Triumphs of Caesar.
  2. Hampton Court is home to ten statues of heraldic animals, called the King’s Beasts.
  3. The palace featured in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.
  4. Hampton court is haunted – by several different ghosts.
  5. There are chocolate kitchens which were designed by Sir Christopher Wren.
  6. You can see a “real tennis” court.


  1. Hampton Court has the largest surviving 16th-century kitchens in the world.
  2. During the 2012 Summer Olympics, Hampton Court Palace was a venue for the Road Cycling Time Trial – the medallists were provided with thrones!
  3. You can arrive by boat and the views are amazing!


  1. The Hampton Court Flower Show is second only to the Chelsea Flower Show and takes place every July.
  2. You can get lost in the most famous maze on the planet.
  3. The Concours of Elegance historic car show takes place in August at Hampton Court and features 60 of the rarest cars from around the world.


  1. The grounds and gardens are spectacular.
  2. You can view a replica of Henry VIII’s crown.
  3. You can take a ride in a horse-drawn charabanc.

We are sure that there plenty more very good reasons to visit Hampton Court but these are our favourites! Maybe you have some pearls of wisdom to share with us?

The palace is open every day except 24-26 December so there is nothing to stop you making the trip! Hampton Court is a slice of English heritage and should not be missed! Don’t forget to check out the stamp issue too!

Hampton Court Palace Stamp Issue 31 July 2018

The latest issue in the Royal Palace Series, Hampton Court Palace includes six stunning stamps featuring photographs of the palace and gardens:

Hampton Court Palace 1st class stamps x 3 se-tenant

1st Class South Front – Built for William III and Mary II by Sir Christopher Wren

1st Class West Front – The grand Tudor architecture of Wolsey’s Great Gatehouse

1st Class East Front – Designed in the same Baroque style as the South Front

Hampton Court Palace £1.55 x 3 se-tenant

£1.55 Pond Gardens – The pools in these gardens originally held freshwater fish

£1.55 Maze – Hampton Court Palace’s Maze was planted in the late 17th century

£1.55 Great Fountain Garden – This ornate garden was simplified by Queen Anne

This issue also includes a minisheet of four stamps bearing photographs of the palace interior, a presentation pack, first day covers, stamp cards and a 1st class retail booklet.

Hampton Court Miniature Sheet

Hampton Court Presentation Pack

Hampton Court Palace 1st class stamp booklet

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