Dad’s Army

A huge proportion of today’s TV viewers were nothing more than a twinkle in their parents’ eye when Dad’s Army was lighting up living rooms across Britain. But few will be unfamiliar with this iconic sitcom which featured some of the most memorable characters ever to grace the small screen. Written by Jimmy Perry and David Croft, the series produced a plethora of hilarious one-liners and unforgettable plot lines.

Dad’s Army stamp set

The Motley Crew

Showcasing the exploits of the British Home Guard during World War II, Dad’s Army introduced us to a motley crew of disparate volunteers who were struggling to assist in the defence of the realm. These hapless characters had little experience, few resources and no back-up. Their enthusiasm and determination always shone through and you couldn’t help loving every single one of them, despite their irritating shortcomings and general inadequacy!

TV’s Funniest Moments

Perry and Croft drew on their own wartime memories to create the series but it was the genius of their scripts and their wonderfully quirky characters which ensured the success of the show. Any hit parade of TV’s greatest catchphrases and funniest moments would be sure to feature many a scene from the nine series of Dad’s Army.  From Lance Corporal Jones’ cries of “don’t panic” to Private Frazer’s insistence that “we’re doomed”, Dad’s Army has melded itself into the national consciousness.

Legendary Series

Strangely, one always felt that the nation was in good hands with Captain Mainwairing and his colleagues providing the last line of defence! Hopelessly inept and yet always managing to come out on top, this heroic band of misfits from Walmington-on-sea will live long in the memory. Dad’s Army attracted up to 18 million viewers in its heyday, numbers that could only be dreamt of today. It is a series which is deserving of its legendary status!

Never Dated

Perhaps the most extraordinary quality of Dad’s Army is how fresh and funny it remains in the modern era. When you watch the repeats, they don’t feel tired or dated and even when you know what is about to happen, the many catastrophes that inevitably ensue continue to command your attention. Dad’s Army was revived in a 2016 movie with an incredible cast but nothing could possibly rival the brilliance of the original series.

50th Anniversary Stamps

Those who grew up with Dad’s Army will doubtless be shocked to hear that it is now 50 years since the first episode was broadcast. It is an anniversary which Royal Mail are marking with a stamp issue honouring the programme and showcasing eight of its finest characters and their famous catchphrases.


1st Class: Captain Mainwaring – You Stupid Boy!

1st Class: Lance Corporal Jones – Don’t Panic, Don’t Panic!

2nd Class:  Sergeant Wilson – Do you think that’s wise, sir?

2nd Class:  Private Pike – I’ll tell Mum!

£1.45: Private Walker – It won’t cost you much!

£1.45: Private Frazer – We’re doomed….Doomed!

£1.55: Private Godfrey – Do you think I might be excused?

£1.55: Chief Warden Hodges – Put that light out!

Don’t miss the first day cover, presentation pack, stamp cards, generic sheet and framed stamps which accompany this issue. It is entirely possibly that you will never see anything quite like Dad’s Army again – even with several hundred TV channels to choose from.


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