Amazing Mailart & Post From Around The World #2

Christmas is now only two weeks away so it is about time to show some postal AND Christmas themed (post)cards as well as some newly made mailart. I bought this one showing a tartan postbox the other day as it seemed very apt what with me being Scottish and mad about all things postal! There are ten in a box and I got two boxes so chances are if I am sending you a card it will be this one!

I also bought this extra special postbox themed one to send to my Auntie and Uncle over in New Zealand so that is winging its way there now, just caught the last recommened posting day to there on Saturday, phew!

While looking for something totally different I came across this card which I believe was one I received last year but it definitely comes under the postal and Christmas theme so here  it is.

I sent out some postcards via Postcrossing today and two of them were of a Christmas nature so they deserve a mention. The first one went off to Belarus and shows the £1.28 snowman stamp from the 2014 Christmas stamp set .

while the second one was a second sending (the first card I sent went missing) to Switzerland and shows a robin on the 1st class Large stamp from last year’s Christmas stamps.

Time is marching on but if you have a Christmas and postally themed card you would like to share then please do send it in to:

Scott @ Positively Postal, P.O. Box 477, Hounslow, Middlesex, U.K. TW3 9HD

While we are on the subject of Christmas and snow, of which there has been a fair amount in the last few days here in the U.K. here is a fantastic postcard sent in by Elena from Russia, entitled “Tired of The Sun”.

and check out the larger stamp in the top right hand corner marking The Football World Cup, taking place in Russia next year.

Moving on to the next featured card that I have received recently, we have some lovely shells which Esther collected at a beach in Hong Kong and then drew to make this card, what a great idea!

What would you draw on a postcard you were creating yourself? By all means have a go, send it in and I will share it here.

A very short and sweet message in from an unnamed Postcrosser in Taiwan with the title “Best Memories in Taiwan” featuring Pingxi which is a rural district in New Taipei. I believe what is being shown on the card is the annual Pingxi International SkyLantern Festival, when people have their wishes written on sky lanterns and then they release them to the skies. I love the two geese stamp used on the back of this card!

Before I move on to mailart, here are a few other postcards I have sent off to various Postcrossers in recent weeks.

This 26p stamp from 1991 showing the rose Mme Alfred Carrière went off to a Postcrosser in Russia back in November and took 16 days to get there.

1st class stamp postcard with Manchester Town Hall looking very grand, from the 2012 A-Z of The U.K. set, is currently on its way to Germany so hopefully that will be arriving there soon.

Finally, a classic tourist postcard of London – City of History is winging its way as I write to a Russian Postcrosser so will be interesting to see how long it takes to reach its destination.

What with the weather over here taking a much colder turn, here is some tasty and warming mailart, sent in by Katerina from Greece. I am doing my best Katerina to keep warm over here and your mailart is helping!

This mailart with a very important message arrived today, sent in by Jokie X Wilson from San Francisco, indeed There is No Going Back!

Now for some of my own mailart to be sent out which I am going to make a special effort to send off before Christmas as some of it has been hanging around for a bit too long.

This first piece here with the title of this blog post (#2) came about from a 30 Day Bestseller Challenge I did last month which involved coming up with a one page pitch for a (hopefully bestselling) book. I was having a bit of trouble at the start thinking of a suitable title plus I was also a little bit vague on how it might appear so I thought I would have a go at making a cover for it in a mailart fashion and here it is. It may not end up as the final cover (there is the small matter of actually writing it too!) but it did help me visualise how it could look and what it’s title is so a worthwhile exercise.

I do like it when I come across certain quotes/headlines in various magazines that when taken out of the context of the original feature then proceed to adopt a totally different meaning when mixed into a piece of mailart. With it nearly being Christmas there were a few mentions of turkeys so I just had to include them in this piece. Turkeys may not like Christmas very much but they do like a good piece of mailart!

Party season is also well and truly here and in fact I am off to one this Friday so will this be what I should expect? Lampshades in a forest, a Postural Analysis Grid Chart, lemon tonic and weightlifters, a dog and a some unusual guests?

Final piece of mailart ready for despatch uses one of my favourite techniques of creating my own “Stamp Collections”, this one is of course The Dog Stamp Collection, woof! Made with a stamp shaped perforator and dog stickers from the fantastic sticker people Pipsticks in the USA this should prove popular to whoever receives it, unless of course they prefer cats!

Before I sign off on this blog post, there is just enough time to show you Positively Postal’s artistamps for Christmas 2017, designed by Rob Noble featuring some very cute little robins.

Finally, if you are looking for a Christmas stamp gift, why not take a look at the new Scotland Stamp Gift Set in Positively Postal’s shop. There are stamps aplenty, some other Scottish items and even a box of shortbread, what’s not to like!

Till the next tour of Amazing Mailart and Post from Around The World, have a great Christmas and keep warm.

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